Engineering Control System Design

Engineering & Technical Services for Instrumentation and Control Systems.

With over 20 years of proven experience designing automated control systems for industrial processes and machinery, we have the expertise to design a solution that is right for your application. We design our control systems using about all the industry leading platforms such as Siemens, Allen Bradley, ABB, Eurotherm, GE, Tatsoft, Wonderware, Watlow and many more. We understand how these systems must work together to deliver reliable and superb control of your processes. From a simple control cabinet to a complex totally integrated automation system, we have the expertise to design a solution that is right for your application. Our goal is customer satisfaction that earns your trust, respect and continuing business.
Our team builds high quality control cabinets that meet control panel industry standards. We receive praise from our customers and suppliers because they see the quality of our workmanship. However, this does not mean that we stop striving to make improvements to our quality. We work hard to deliver superior quality to you. Our motivation comes from knowing what it feels like to be the end customer, because we have worn the shoes of the end customer.
Safety is one of our major concerns. We do not take shortcuts that could turn disastrous. We do the job right the first time. Our team prides itself on delivering what you expect – on time and on budget. We do not believe in leaving a mess for your maintenance team to sort through. We work to receive praise from your maintenance team by performing neat and clean installations that leave you satisfied.

Diagnostic Solutions & Tools

Have you ever wished you had some kind of supervisory control system in your manufacturing plant that monitored all or most of your processes 24/7 and stored process data and events that could help you locate and eliminate process nuisances that always seem to bite you. Have you have tried to locate these nuisances for months or maybe even years, but just can’t seem to find them? Or, maybe you just want a system that can help you resolve a customer complaint. For example, a customer comes to you with an issue. You need to know if the problem occurred during the manufacturing process, or after it shipped from your plant. You could quickly determine if the issue occurred during manufacturing by looking at the process and product data, which was stored while the product was being manufactured. All you need is the date and time when the product was made, the spec limits for the product, and which machine or process on which the product was produced. If there were no issues that occurred during manufacturing, you can look elsewhere.

Before now these types of systems would cost thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement. Today they are much less expensive, easier to implement and use and do not require much training. We have the skills and experience necessary to design, build and install these systems in you manufacturing plant. We can train your personnel how to use the system and the tools effectively.

Dependable & Experienced Service & Support

At Symtegra Controls, we understand how important it is for your manufacturing processes to run continually and dependably, day-in and day-out without interruptions. You need dependable process control systems that don’t give you problems. We know when this happens you are not making product and your employees are just standing around, which means you are losing money. However, situations will occur and failure will happen. All control systems, no matter how rock-solid they are, have failures. You need someone who is dependable that you trust that when you call they will come quickly, find and fix the problem quickly and get your manufacturing back up and running. This is the kind of service we strive to provide.

PLC, HMI and DRIVE Programming

Do you worry about your processes running on outdated PLCs, HMIs or Drives that could fail at any moment? Let us help remove your worries and give you a peace of mind. Make a smooth transition and upgrade to a newer version or migrate over to a whole different platform with our expertise. We are here to help you with all your programming needs.

Additional Services & Support

Technical Support & Field Service

  • We Provide Telephone Support
  • We Provide Hands-on Field Support.
  • We Stock Hard-to-find Replacement Parts

Electrical CAD Drafting Service

  • We Can Produce Your Electrical Prints/Schematics in AutoCAD
  • We Can Edit Your Existing CAD Files (Prints)
  • We Can Create New Sets of Prints Created from Old Hard Copies

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